The Seeds of Banquo

About the Play

It is 1870, and Edwin Booth is now the owner/manager of his own splendid theatre, The Booth Theatre in New York City. He is preparing for his third season, and planning to open with a lavish MacBeth, co-starring his friend Lawrence Barrett. His second wife, Mary McVicker Booth, is expecting their first child, and Edwin struggles with the role of MacBeth, the madness descending on his wife, and the jealous machinations of his Banquo, Lawrence Barrett. His leading lady, the excellent Mrs. DP Bowers, is unwilling to take his direction, and the musical theatre actor, Owen Fawcett, won't leave the theatre. Haunted with ghosts of his own, Edwin must deal with this dark and cursed play. The Seeds of Banquo requires strong Shakespeare work and stage combat skills and has terrific roles for men and women.

Cast of 5 (3 men, 2 women / no doubling).

Age range: 18-40's.

One set, minimal furniture, minimal props, minimal costume changes.

Period costumes.

Stage combat.

Run time 2 hours and 10 minutes (with an intermission)

"She has steeped herself in the life of Booth and has found his strength and weaknesses and has let her love flourish in this smart and sensitive and very funny production."

"It is the skill of the playwright, who also directed this play, that the stage is populated by such a clear variety of people."

"...this production is theatrical art at its highest."


"Despite its tragic subject matter, Iannone’s script is never heavy handed and humorous moments abound as the characters banter about everything from medieval men’s fashion to the nature of theatrical truth."


"Iannone's intelligent, sharp-witted and sophisticated play keeps the audience both attentive and smiling with touches of keen humor--a class act in every sense."

"What a fascinating, funny and riveting play -- theatergoers will wish that the remaining plays in Iannone's cycle could be seen.


Production History

The Seeds of Banquo premiered in a production by Theater RED at the Soulstice Theatre in St. Francis, WI in 2015.

Perusals, Rights & Royalties

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All photos on this page from the Theater RED production of The Seeds of Banquo. Photos by Cassius Cox.