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"Iannone’s Brutus is sheer brilliance. The actress’ perfectly tempered voice echoes... at precisely the right moments and her... elegance is perfectly suited for William Shakespeare’s tragic hero..."

- Shepherd Express
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 Iannone is Charles Dickens giving a U.S. reading tour after the release of A Christmas Carol – that doesn’t detract from the work; for 80 minutes, I was transported by a performance that was a masterclass in the art of storytelling. Iannone beautifully braids together empathy, wonder, and a sense of urgency, making the well-worn tale of Scrooge, Cratchit, and the three spirits feel as though it’s just occurred to her – simultaneously finely crafted and immediate. 

With only Iannone on stage the entire time, there’s nothing to hide behind, no trickery, but plenty of theatre magic brought on by her movements (in conjunction with Hoffmann’s direction) and Fassi’s light in a dance that evokes gaping time shifts and other worlds. She has a voice for each character, but we know who’s going to speak with subtle shifts in body language and facial expression. The other thing that struck me repeatedly with this dazzling performance was what a marvel of control and dynamics it is. Keeping to a few square feet of stage and a tight vocal range, she evokes the joy of the Cratchit family, the tragic resignation of Marley, the loneliness, and later, the terror of Scrooge without the crutch of histrionics. - Richard Sanford, Columbus Underground. 

American Shakespeare Center's MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING is a Treat for All Seasons

Performances will run through November 19, and will be joined in repertory with Hamlet and Coriolanus by late September-early October.

By: Andrew WhiteAug. 12, 2023

Don John’s plot succeeds spectacularly, and Hero is publicly accused of adultery, by Claudio, at what was supposed to be their wedding.  And it is at this point in most productions when the question of dramatic balance becomes acute.  How heavy will this scene be?  How gut-wrenching the aftermath?  The answer comes in the person of Angela Iannone’s incomparable Leonato.  As Hero’s father, Iannone’s dignity and rage seem to have no top and no bottom, and in the immediate aftermath of the wrecked marriage ceremony she takes you to the lowest emotional depths.  Which renders the rest of the action that much more exquisite. 

An explosive ‘Coriolanus’ rules at American Shakespeare Center

This company can add a dangerous edge to scenes so raw you’re not sure where the next blow will come from.

By Andrew Walker White -

October 31, 2023

As Volumnia, his mother, Angela Iannone tops her other performances in the fall repertory—no mean feat, given her track record in the other shows here. The fount and cause of Coriolanus’ contempt, she realizes only too late the monster she has created; and her desperate plea for mercy at Coriolanus’ feet, as his invasion of Rome is afoot, is heartstoppingly, heartbreakingly vivid. 

 "The Best Show I've seen in CATCO history."   An Iliad

9 to 5 The Musical!  CATCO, Columbus, Ohio

Iannone rips into the iconic role of Violet and makes it her own with whip-crack comedic timing and sizzling singing on songs that introduce us to the world of the show, like “Around Here” and “One of the Boys.” - Richard Sanford, Columbus Underground

Select Roles

American Shakespeare Center, Staunton, Virginia

CATCO Columbus, Ohio

Delaware Resident Ensemble Players| Newark, DE

Hope Summer Repertory Theatre |Holland, MI

Titan Theatre Company| New York City, NY

*Queens’ Kudos Award “Best Supporting Actress”

Next Act Theatre| Milwaukee, WI

Milwaukee Repertory Theatre​ | Milwaukee, WI (Associate Artist)

*World Premiere
*Regional Premiere

In Tandem Theatre | Milwaukee, WI

*Footlights Award Best Supporting Actress-Musical 

Milwaukee Chamber Theatre | Milwaukee, WI

*Broadway World Award-Best Actress

Milwaukee Fringe Festival | Milwaukee, WI

Skylight Music Theatre | Milwaukee, WI

Renaissance Theaterworks | Milwaukee, WI

Marriott Lincolnshire Theatre | Lincolnshire, IL

*Joseph Jefferson Award, Best Actress in a Musical
Boyet, Love's Labor's Lost Milwakee Shakespeare 

Amanda  The Glass Menagerie

InTandem Theatre
Maria Callas   Master ClassMilwaukee Chamber TheatreBest Actress Award Broadway World Best Actress Award Best of Milwaukee 
Kate Hepburn  Tea At FiveInTandem Theatre Best Actress Award Best of Milwaukee 
Diana Vreeland Full GallopRenaissance TheaterworksBest Actress Award Best of Milwaukee 
Brutus   Julius Caesar Optimist Shakespeare in the Park 
Lady MacbethDoor Shakespeare
Lady Bracknell The Importance of Being EarnestTitan Theatre CompanyQueens Kudos Award Best Supporting Actress
Nurse  Shakespeare in Love Hope Summer Repertory Theatre 


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