Irving & Booth in Othello

About the Play

In 1881, English superstar Henry Irving comes up against the star power and personal charm of American Shakespearean Edwin Booth during an extraordinary London production of Othello in which the two have agreed to switch off the roles of Othello and Iago. Is it a rehearsal or are the clashes too real? Stage manager Bram Stoker and leading lady Ellen Terry are caught in the conflict between these two powerful performers.

Cast of 4 (3 men, 1 woman / no doubling)

Simple set, minimal furniture, minimal props, one change of backdrop

Period costumes, minimal changes

Pictured (top to bottom):Henry Irving, Bram Stoker, Ellen Terry

Production History

A staged Reading was held at the Tenth Street Theater in Milwaukee, WI produced by G&M Company with the following cast:

  • Richard Ganoung as Henry Irving,
  • Simon Provan as Edwin Booth,
  • Angela Iannone as Ellen Terry,
  • ​Bret Tuomi as Bram Stoker,
  • and Jonathan Wainwright read Stage Directions.

Perusals, Rights & Royalties

To order a perusal script or to inquire for performance rights and royalties, please email